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Since 1992, Flying Pigeons with 25 years of experience and thousands of balloon flights only GarrotxaWe endorse and know the territory. We are in a region of volcanoes, not far from Barcelona, ​​and located between the Pyrenees, Girona, Figueres and Costa Brava.

We can fly in a balloon 365 days a year
The microclimate of La Garrotxa allows us to fly in a balloon all year; weekdays and weekends and at any time: flowery fields in spring, bright and clear summer landscape, autumn colors or snow covered mountains in winter.

Ballooning for all
Families with children, elderly or disabled. spacious, comfortable and door baskets to make it easy to access

100% accessible facilities

Ballooning among volcanoes in La Garrotxa
Garrotxa, a unique landscape, a thousand contrasts and colors. The best example of volcanic landscape of the peninsula.
Flying over the volcanoes of the Garrotxa, unique in Catalonia.

Commitment to the territory
Close collaboration with the Natural Park of the volcanic area of ​​La Garrotxa. Integrated facilities within the reserve area of ​​the park. Members of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

own facilities and 100% accessible at the foot of Croscat volcano.


The experience of flying in hot air balloon in the Natural Park of the volcanic area, one of the most interesting areas of dormant volcanoes in Europe.
Ballooning It is a different way to travel, is floating in the air, calm and silence and feel the sensation of absolute freedom, serenity and adventurous spirit.
Ideal for nature lovers and those seeking new sensations, like watching the scenery with a bird's eye view panoramic 360 °
On clear days, we can see Montserrat and the Mediterranean Sea, Pedraforca, the Canigó, Montseny … always with the Pyrenees in the background and volcanoes beneath our feet.

The activity begins early in the morning when the atmosphere is colder and stable and calmer wind

We will meet at the facilities of flying pigeons, next to volcano CroscatWhere we have take-off field.
You can have a coffee while watching, taking pictures or we assist her in preparing the balloon and inflation of the stately candle colors.
The wind shows us the course of our trip, which usually lasts about 1h 1h 30 minutes.
Inflight toast with champagne pink, symbolizing the color of the volcanic soil and chicharrones cake tasted.
It is a good time to take aerial photographs, a memory for life.

Once landed, we will go together to the exclusive facilities for passengers and their companions, where we expect a good breakfast peasant bread with tomato and sausage, Santa Pau beans with sausage, desserts Cooperative the Beech, Wine, and coffee ratafía.

To end the adventure you will deliver a certificate signed by the pilot flying.

It is important to know that we baskets door, highly recommended for the elderly and disabled and also adapted for wheelchair users.

Flights to children and adapted to all kinds of people.

We have several properties available to customers.




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