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Vies verdes La Garrotxa

Greenways La Garrotxa. is part of the company ENJOY Pyrinees

Greenways Garrotxa

Route Carrilet

Olot – Girona

This 57-km route crosses three regions and twelve towns, following the valleys of the Fluvià, Brugent and Ter rivers.

Route descends smoothly from place of departure, Olot (440 m) to the arrival, Girona (70 m) and has its highest point in the hill of En Bas, 558 meters above sea level .

The route suitable for pedestrians and bicycles, is in very good condition, equipped with bridges, railings and signage homogeneous.

BICICARRIL.COM It offers a wide range of bicycles adapted to all needs as well as the supplementary material such as helmets, seats, locks or repair kits.

In addition, offers all the convenient services for just worry enjoying a good pedal stroke by Greenways Garrotxa and their surroundings.

It is available to provide appropriate assistance at any point along the route. We also offer assistance for demanding cyclists who want to make mountain road routes or a certain technical level.


Management cottages, advising and directly managing different rural accommodations in the province of Girona.

Technical drivers of groups in the natural environment: hiking, biking and riding. We are guides Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa.

We do all kinds of activities and tour packages throughout Catalonia. Bicycle, Skiing, kayaking, parasailing, balloon, trekking.

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