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Initiation, intermediate and advanced

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What is it Radicalsurfex?


We are the oldest kitesurf school and experienced operational in Delta del Ebro and the province of Tarragona since 2002.

One of the pioneers in Catalonia practicing kitesurf school since 1999

We are a member of the Catalan Sailing Federation center with FCV degree

IKO affiliated center. With qualification IKO

A training and mentoring of future monitors (State Training – Middle- diploma degree and training IKO

partner school “Boating station”

Our teachers with over 30 years experience teaching sports. Qualified teachers, insured and permits, administrative authorizations in force.

Material test center: Takoon Kiteboarding, Best Kiteboarding, Side Watersports.

Center courses and rental Stand Up Paddle.

. kitesurf school It is a relatively young (first patent inflatable Star 1984) sport.

In recent years however, it has evolved greatly. Today is widespread and accessible to all practitioners regardless of their sex, age or physical condition.

In our center we train our students using a system of precise teaching, established over 10 years ago.

We use the best standards instituted by IKO (international organization kitesurfing) RFEV; CVD (Catalan Sailing School) and the FFV (Fédération Française de Voile).

This system is based on a protocol which guarantee teaching students learning fast and above all safe.

Thanks to our education system and the best places of our centers, we got in about 8-12 hours the student is fully autonomous and can enjoy the feeling of gliding over the water.

The end of your course will facilitate a card that certifies your level with which you can navigate in all spots of the world, to rent equipment and become part of the great family iko.

After that you can advise the purchase of your team because we also have a showroom store.


Basic knowledge of the wind.
Assembly / disassembly of material and said bar
Flying a comment as knowledge of the sale. Without power & with power.
Knowledge of security protocols.
Off & landing a kite using a monitor.

Initiation / Intermediate
Star just off the edge of the window.
Flying the kite hooked to the harness.
Refloat the star from the water.
Bodygraf practice water.
Bodygraf practice with one hand to retrieve the table.
Knowledge of the theory of waterstart, body positioning, table and star.
Practicar el waterstart.

Advanced / table
Navigational skills.

CEIDA knowledge, jibe.
Upload the star stuck to the sun moths.
Table place you just flying the kite.
Learning to CEIR edging down for both sides (right and left).
Learning to return to the same starting point.
Make turns edging down with both sides of the table.
theoretical knowledge to make a jump.
Theory to practice jumps and landings.
Practice some transition.


Special courses for kids!

Courses include the necessary liability insurance class materials and no added cost.




Three hours
Special courses Children
Padle surf
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