What is Outdoortravel.es?

Outdoor Travel is a web directory that gives access to a wide offer to all those companies and activities related to local people, tourism and the practice of a sport in Spanish territory. There is also a section in the beginning phase for companies with activities in Andorra, France and England.

The objective?

Ppromote companies and entities that incorporate the practice of a sport or physical activity as an engine to discover a city or territory in Spain, and segmented by autonomous communities, cities or by type of activity-sport.

Who is the portal for?

At tAll those companies and entities that want to enhance their visibility on the Internet and want to open a new commercial window to make themselves known.

Who is the end customer?

People looking for unique experiences with local people. Where the personal treatment and the fact of being able to discover and share good recommendations about the territory, make them feel unique.

The final client does not contact Outdoor Travel, since we make a link in your file on outdoortravel.com so that they can directly access your website.

Outdoor Travel is NOT a travel agency and we do not charge commissions. We only charge an annual fee for having your file and your offers on the portal.

How is the outdoortravel.es portal positioned on Google?

After a few years with the only strategy of achieving a position in Google, now we have already achieved this objective.

We appear on the first pages of Google by searching for Active Tourism and the name of the autonomous community or city. Also for the search of Adventure Tourism.

How can I know the Internet traffic generated by outdoortravel.es towards my website?

Connect your website in Google Analytics, and from “traffic channels” You will know the origin of everything in traffic that it has. Then you can filter and create a personalized report only of the referral traffic of your website.

Who is behind Outdoortravel.es?

My name is Mark Mackay Jarque, I am a hotel manager in Barcelona. I also do consulting and advice in hotel management and teach a Master in Hotel Management and Marketing at a business school in Barcelona.

I practice sports regularly and it is part of my philosophy of life.

You can see my professional profile at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markmackay1/

Outdoortravel.com is a personal project to which I apply all my knowledge in the tourism and online marketing sector.

We are a multidisciplinary team, made up of designers and programmers. Our objective: to make a unique website, with an image and design that transmits that essence to attract your ideal client. With an information structure that facilitates navigation, usability and functionality, so that the client finds what they are looking for easily and quickly.

OVH is our web hosting provider. OVH is a French web hosting and telecommunications provider. It has the largest and safest service facilities in the world.

¿Qué puedo hacer para potenciar la visibilidad de tu negocio en Google?

  1. I'll post your business or activity en el portal. En la sección y destino correspondiente con un link directo a tu web. Los clientes contactarán directamente con tu negocio ya que nuestro icono de BOOKING va linkado directamente a tu web.
  2. If your company also has a Actividad/es Accesibles y Adaptadas también publicaré tu Ficha en dicho Apartado.
  3. Special Offers: publicaré tus Ofertas de temporada y potenciaré esas Actividades que más te interesen.
  4. Abriré una nueva ventana comercial de tu negocio.
  5. Mejoraré el posicionamiento de tu página web en Google (SEO).

Insistir finalmente, que nuestro principal mercado es el nacional , aún que el portal va dirigido también al mercado internacional, y en este sentido también va dirigida nuestra estratégia de marketing online.

We open a new commercial window for your business.

Active Tourism

Adventure Tourism

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