• Publish your business or activity on our website. Section and corresponding destination with a direct link to your website. Customers contact you directly with your business as our icon linkado BOOKING going directly to your website.
  • If your company also has a Activity / is Accesibles and Adapted also publish your listing in that paragraph.
  • Special Offers: Post your offer seasonal and will strengthen those activities that interest you.
  • We opened a new sales window of your business.
  • Improve the positioning of your website on Google (SEO).

Listing your business / activity on the site has an annual cost of 90 euros + VAT. No permanent contract.


We do not charge commissions.

Standard tab: 90 per year

  • Listing your business / activity at the corresponding Destination and at the Icons Sports / Activities on the Home Page that apply to your business





If you want to enhance the visibility of your business, you have 2 more options: If you choose any of these 2 options, the cost includes your Standard Option


Premium tab: cost 150 euros anulaes

  • Standard + Your tab tab in the Activity Box-Destination Highlights located at the Home Page (+) Baner of your company on the top side of Icon Sports that belongs to your activity

Example Top Destinations-Activities: https://outdoortravel.es/

Baner example Icon Sports: https://outdoortravel.es/typologies-packages/walking/



Gold card: annual cost 250 euros

  • Ficha Premium + Baner of your Business / Activity located at the Footer Home Page.

Example: https://outdoortravel.es/

Email us at info@outdoortravel.es with:

  • The address of your website and do a direct link to your web. Contact customers directly to your business.
  • Two high-resolution photographs of your activities.
  • explanatory text of your trade or business.

After reviewing the content of your website we post it on our website.

We'll send you a message and a link to your publication in our website in order you can supervise your business file.

Whenever you want you can modify your information by sending an email to info@outdoortravel.es requesting changes.

Thank you very much for trusting us and welcome at Outdoortravel.es, a website aimed for all those who love active tourism, enjoy nature and outdoor activities.

Our goal is to promote tourist destinations linked to active tourism.

  • We are not a travel agency.
  • We do not charge commissions.

If you want to unsubscribe your activity or business of our portal just you have to send an email to info@outdoortravel.es

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